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 Clan Rank System Points Breakdown

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Marc Paolo

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PostSubject: Clan Rank System Points Breakdown   Wed Nov 18, 2015 2:11 pm

Here is a description of our clan ranking system.

What you can do to earn points:
-Capping - 3 points per cap
-Recruiting - 1 point (If recruit's total level is 1999 or lower); 2 points if their 2000 or higher
-Attending Events - 1 point
-Hosting clan events - 5 points (General ranks or higher can host events, unless otherwise noted)

To rise in the ranks, you must earn these points. All points earned will be reset, once promoted, back to 0 unless you have overlapping points, which will be carried over.

Corporal - 3 points
Sergeant - 6 points
Lieutenant - 8 points
Captain - 10 points
General - 12 points
Admin - 14 points + a minimum of 2 recruits (will require 1 cap per month)
Organiser - 15 points + a minimum of 3 recruits (will require 2 caps per month)
Coordinater- 16 points + a minimum of 4 recruits (will require capping every tick)

Cap requirements will be as is, if 1 cap is missed, Nerissa, the Clan Owner, will talk to the person.

Nerissa will decide if Coordinators are needed to be promoted to key ranks. It is a case by case basis and it depends on the needs of the clan.
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Clan Rank System Points Breakdown
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